It Ain’t Easy Being Guacamole and Eggs

The avocado and the egg are two of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music soundtrack). You can throw either in a salad, eat them by themselves, or eat them together. Most people who know me also know that breakfast is one of those meals near and dear to my heart. Recently, I discovered a new vehicle with which to shovel the glorious avocado in your mouth, tucked away in the Union Square farmer’s market, just waiting to be found. And eggs are a perfect pairing. You know what’s a good time to eat these things? After an early morning workout!

The Food

Avocados are one of my favorite foods: versatile, creamy, and pack a huge nutritional punch. They are recommended as a post-workout food due to their high calcium, potassium, and folic acid content.

“But they’re so fatty!”

Since when is plant fat bad for a person? Particularly if it’s unsaturated fat. I believe that no one should ever feel bad for eating a fruit or a vegetable (unless it’s deep-fried, but in that case, there is a whole host of other foods that can be made even worse through deep-frying).

Look how ripe that is! So delicious.

Look how ripe that is! So delicious.

Then there’s the other food I like and probably eat entirely too much of: eggs. Many conventional nutrition resources name eggs as unhealthy, particularly the yolk, when in reality, the yolk is where all the nutrients are. So unless your doctor or allergies say otherwise, feel free to eat them! In addition, you don’t have to cook eggs on even a teaspoon of butter. I like cooking them with a pinch of salt and pressurized oil (like PAM) since it does not change the natural flavor all that much.

For breakfast, I like to eat toast with my eggs, unless I feel that i have been eating too many carbs, which is rarely the case. While wandering the Union Square greenmarket, I stumbled upon a little vendor from south of Albany that makes buckwheat toast. I had to give it a try, since the place touts itself as a gluten-free bakery. The texture of it is very similar to some whole wheat breads, but the main issue is that it cannot hold up well with stress. I tried spreading some cream cheese on it for lunch at work and it turned into the saddest mash of bread crumbs and spread. So here, I grace you with the pretty image of breakfast that I had this morning.

That red stuff? Frank's Red Hot, my favorite guacamole companion.

That red stuff? Frank’s Red Hot, my favorite guacamole companion.

Look at this toast. Just. Look at it.

Look at this toast. Just. Look at it.

The Clothes

The act of eating avocado and eggs can appear to be an act of nutritional rebellion. So much cholesterol! So much fat! Well, you know what would be the fitness equivalent? A girl getting ready to lift some serious weights. My favorite form of working out is swinging, lifting, pushing, and pulling some honest-to-God kettlebells. I like the feeling of being strong and the short, sweet, effective reps are way more exciting that running indoors for the same amount of time. My tips for dressing for gym involve being as comfortable as possible. If you’re lifting any kind of weights, gloves are a must; you do not want blisters preventing you from doing anything else until they go away.

Top: Urban Outfitters; sports bra: Lululemon (it has POCKETS); shorts: Lululemon; shoes: Puma; gloves: Harbinger

Top: Urban Outfitters; sports bra: Lululemon (it has POCKETS); shorts: Lululemon; shoes: Puma; gloves: Harbinger

The Allergies

I never thought for a million years when I was little that I would be able to eat eggs at all. The smallest spoonful puffed up my face and that feeling of discomfort nullified any flavor profiles I might life. But, then I turned twelve and I was eating an egg every Saturday. And now, as a 21-year-old, I’m eating them several times a week. If you can’t have eggs, a soy scramble works too. If you can’t have soy, some kind of hash would make a great substitute, maybe like a potato and kidney bean hash? The possibilities are about endless, so just find the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Keep it yummy,


Next week: On Sundays, eating prosciutto with melon has become a tradition ever since my dad and I first had it in Italy. And now I want to share it with you. Also, sorry for the late post; I was having some technical difficulties and a work function last night. I’ll be on time next week!


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