In the Spirit of Spontaneity (As Told in Captions)

I’ve been having a rough time finding time for myself, so here is a series of photos of some food I made this week.


So this was supposed to happen.


Black beans and spices.


The delicious garlic aoili with agave strikes again!


Sweet potatoes are best roasted at 450 degrees for 35 minutes. Fact.


Here is a manly hand mashing some sweet potatoes with the previous mixture.


Here are some horrendously malformed patties that tasted wonderful after cooking on a grill pan.


Whole wheat bun with avocado and the aioli. This part is not gluten-free but you can eat it without the bun and just spread the sauce on the patty. Or you can attempt to stomach a gluten-free bun. Am I biased? Maybe a lot.


This outfit was my favorite of the week. Slips from Free People, shoes from Steve Madden, sweater also from Free People, and my boyfriend made the necklace.


And an egg on avocado-tortilla breakfast pizza. Surprise!

I’m sorry for the lack of legitimate blogging. This week has been insane. But this weekend I will pre-write the entry from next week, which will be meatloaf cupcakes with a wine glaze. I’m so excited.


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