Liz Lovely’s Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Happy New Year, everyone! I finally have moments to breathe because I am on break and this hellish semester is over. Literally, if you can avoid taking 6 hard-science courses at once, please do. So, I find myself relaxing a lot these days. After an exciting Christmas and an eventful New Year’s Eve, some rest and relaxation is in order. So, I find myself spending time in PJ’s trying new snacks. I want to tell you about some delicious new cookies I tried and one of my new favorite Christmas gifts.

The Food

Cookies are just snacks that can cater to a variety of palates. The trouble with finding a good cookie that is also gluten-free can be quite the challenge. I saw Liz Lovely’s vegan gluten-free cookies and judging by how much I love Babycakes‘ gluten-free, vegan cookies, I decided to give them a shot. I went with the chocolate fudge cookies, which the website claims “puts brownies to shame.”

Picture not to scale and more sugary than depicted here.

The verdict? I liked them. There were so many chocolate chips, that is was rather difficult to discern the texture of the dough. I did find them somewhat moist and not crumby at all. The flavor was rather overly sweet, but I think my taste buds might have been conquered by the enticing complexity of salted caramel anything. I have had similar non-gluten-free, non-vegan cookies that had a similar texture, so I would not consider the softness of the cookies a defect. Overall, they get a 4/5.

The Clothes

My cousin got me a kigurumi for Christmas. Those of you who do not know, a kigurumi is a combination of pajamas and stuffed animal. It’s fleecy and comfy, but can get very warm. Here is a picture off Amazon of the one I received. I promise to include pictures of me in it in the next blog post.

Unicorn Kigurumi ($57.00 on Amazon). There are literally dozens to choose from.

Next post, I am going out to lunch before seeing The Book of Mormon with Matt. I’ll post pictures and let you know if the place is gluten-free friendly.

Keep it yummy,



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