I Bought Some Bison Steak

Farmer’s markets are great. It’s fun to interact with the people bringing the food that goes to your table. Usually, my parents buy produce, such as tomatoes and cantaloupes when in season. Last week, though, I stumbled upon a stand that sells ostrich eggs and bison meat. I’m used to seeing bison in the form of ground meat, but these guys sold steak. And here’s how it went.

The Food

For this recipe,  decided to combine a few of my favorite things: Coffee and cauliflower. For the steak itself, I am borrowing from everyone’s favorite Guy Fieri (to be honest, he terrifies me a bit, but he seems like a cool dude). Steak is one of the few foods that truly intimidates me and it’s not the overbearing fear of undercooking it and getting food poisoning. My fear is over- and undercooking it, making sure that it is just right for me. Yet, a helpful tip I found online involves making a circle with your fingers and consulting the following infographic:

Source: Traeger Grills
Meat before it goes on the pan. And you know you're just jealous of my Pokemon plate.

Meat before it goes on the pan. And you know you’re just jealous of my Pokemon plate.

This is what meat searing on a pan looks like

This is what meat searing on a pan looks like

I also wanted to include some kind of rub because just eating a slab of meat for dinner sounds less than appetizing to me. And since you can’t just eat meat without any other food group, I wanted to make some mashed cauliflower. The function it serves in the meal is as the starch, but it fills the requirement of 5-a-day of vegetables. At my grocery store, they had a 2 for $5 dollar deal on heads of cauliflower, so I just snagged two and figured I’d use it for lunch tomorrow (Buffalo-style cauliflower bites, anyone?).

Cauliflower pool party!

Cauliflower pool party!

The recipe I used for the mash was courtesy of The Food Network. I love using Parmesan instead of salt because it adds a great nutty flavor with raising sodium levels. If you’re vegan, just skip the cheese and butter altogether (I skipped the butter on this one). The light flavor of the cauliflower balanced the denseness of the steak. Tip for making mashed cauliflower: Blend it with an immersion blender until it’s done. Then, blend it some more. I had chunks of it left in my mash so that’s a tip I would suggest for preventing disappointment.

This meal was extremely decadent and on the pricier side. Granted, I probably did not need to eat the entire steak on my own, but hey, sometimes you get hungry. One recommendation if you’re making a dish with one or two really expensive core ingredients is to use seasonings that you at home already, such as, for me, instant coffee and all the various spices. I followed the Guy Fieri recipe in terms of proportions between the spices, but I eyeballed most of the ingredients.

Don’t have cauliflower? You can even use potatoes if you don’t want to spend anymore money and you have them lying around the house. The possibility for variations are endless. For a wine pairing, my parents had this black currant wine that my mom’s friend made, so I decided to have a glass. The spice and acidity of the black currant went well with the hearty steak. After eating, I felt like I needed to take a well-deserved nap (I am not used to eating meat in those kind of quantities, but it was SO worth it). Additionally, putting coffee on meat was the best decision I had made in a while.

So the plate isn't perfectly clean and white. Had to make way for my parents to cook themselves dinner!

So the plate isn’t perfectly clean and white. Had to make way for my parents to cook themselves dinner!

The Clothes

To match the idea of steak, I wore this rich, burgundy top from H&M. Unlike my meal, my outfit was much cheaper, with this tank bought during a 2 for $10 deal. One way to help justify some purchases is cost-per-use. I paid 20$ on this skirt, and I wear it on all my lazy days, so the cost-per-wear is probably cents right now. Gold is a good color to pair with other rich hues, and the metal itself gives an air of affluence. Since mashed potatoes cauliflower is a comfort food, I added Converse for a relaxed feel. This is how to peruse a farmers market in style…

At least, that’s what I would have done if I wasn’t admittedly cooking in  my sweatpants. Some days, you just need to settle into some comfortable sweatpants and treat yourself to fancy feasts.

Sweat pants make everything better (Shirt: H&M, necklace: Free People, sweatpants: Victoria's Secret Pink).

Sweat pants make everything better (Shirt: H&M, necklace: Free People, sweatpants: Victoria’s Secret Pink).

Keep it yummy,



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