Pre-Workout New Favorite Snack

Over the summer, I had made a serious commitment to fitness, which involved going to the gym every day. Observing my own performance, I realized that I worked better after I ate some combination  of carbs, sugar, fat, and protein. Let me share with you a simple recipe using some of my favorite products that can amp up your workout power.

 The Food

I love tortillas. They’re easy to portion out snacks with, can be full of fiber, and, the best part, they are incredibly affordable. I recently purchased Mission corn tortillas in West Side Market, which is the closest tortilla I could find that comes even close to the quality of La Banderita, the best tortillas sold in Wegmans.

Before any workout, it is important to eat a small snack and hydrate. It should contain quick-burning sugars, protein, and fat to adequately fuel your body for the work ahead. What I discovered works for me is a tortilla roll-up with a spread and some fruit inside. I discovered the joy of sunflower butter quite a bit ago, and I honestly love it more than peanut butter. It’s a paleo alternative to everyone’s favorite legume-based spread. I like to pair it with grapes, but since we had cherries in the house, I used those instead.

Sun-butter courtesy of Trader Joe's.

Sun-butter courtesy of Trader Joe’s.

I like to put a healthy layer of spread on a tortilla.

I like to put a healthy layer of spread on a tortilla.

Nine is definitely not an even number and your cherry arrangement does not need to be almost-square.

Nine is definitely not an even number and your cherry arrangement does not need to be almost-square.

This little snack is not paleo itself, but it is gluten-free and vegan, which is important to me in terms what I eat during non-meals. Personally, I cannot stomach eggs as a snack or right before working out, but this little meal is perfect. Proof that it works? I ran my fastest 5K and went deeper into some yoga poses, and I feel like eating a healthy snack beforehand definitely helped.

The Clothes

Shout-out to one of my favorite tee-shirt companies, Look Human, for this one! I like ordering their tank tops from time to time as a treat, especially since the shirts are a bit pricey. On the other hand, I do not trust myself to DIY logos onto tank tops, so that’s how I justify paying someone to do it for me. Some of the ones on Look Human are so damn clever, just pick your fandom. Also, they charge free shipping when you order more than two items, which, I think, is pretty sweet.

To workout, I generally wear a tank top and some kind of shorts. But for running, I’ve run (hah!) into an issue of chafing, so that’s when I wear these fantastic UnderArmour workout capris from Modell’s. I have about three pairs of sneakers that I rotate and these blue Nike’s are my current favorite. See, you can be practical and fashionable.

Repping my Greyjoy (shirt: LookHuman, pants: UnderArmor, shoes: Nike)

Repping my Greyjoy (shirt: Look Human, pants: UnderArmor, shoes: Nike)

Keep it yummy,



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