We Went There: Murray’s Cheese Bar (Feat. Matt)

I like cheese as much as the next person. So, for a lunch-date, Matt and I went to Murray’s Cheese Bar, adjacent to Murray’s Cheese Shop. I am literally going to stop apologizing for the erratic posting, but I have been doing well and honestly haven’t had much time for content creation.

The Food

Murray’s cheese is a quaint cheese shop on Bleecker street with excellent customer service that, in 2012, opened up a sit-down restaurant where one can order cheese flights and other cheese delights. Most of it isn’t gluten-free, but with the help of Glutenaid, I decided to treat myself to a beer and some mac and cheese.

Look at this magnificent cheese display.

Look at this magnificent cheese display.

Due to it being busy on a Saturday brunchtime, we were seated at the bar, which was conveniently located right as you enter. The white walls and rustic, cheese-related photographs and decor were rather inviting. And the bar gave us a great view of it. I was fascinated watching the cheesemongers at work cutting the cheeses for both sale and for the recipes. It was pretty fun. The cutlery was all built for cheese consumption, including a knife with a pointed edge for cutting off bits of deliciousness.

Mac and Cheese with Chorizo

Mac and Cheese with Chorizo

I went the fancy route and also got chorizo on my meal because it was there. Having four cheeses instead of just one (cheddar, actually they may have been four different cheddars, but I don’t remember seeing that on the menu). It was not soupy at all and the crunchy bits definitely added another layer of mouthful. I have had some mac and cheeses where it was literally cheese soup, but maybe that’s what happens when you make it wrong. I don’t even know.

Left Hand Milk Stout

Left Hand Milk Stout

I am now going to go on a tangent about pairings. Generally speaking, pairings of two items should complement each other and/ or give an extra dimension of flavor initially missing from the dish or snack. I was an idiot who ordered this Left Hand Milk stout from Colorado. It was a good beer, don’t get me wrong. But when you’re eating something cheesy and creamy, a creamy beer is possibly the worst choice to drink. I had to finish one thing before mulling over the other (food then drink, stay safe kids). I should have gone with something more acidic or even a lighter beer to cut down on the richness of the flavor, so that is something to keep in mind next time. They have a pretty extensive wine and beer selection for such a specialized cafe, so next time, I will try something else and let you know how it goes.

So, if you’re looking for a fun atmosphere, good food, and artisan cheese, definitely go to Murray’s Cheese Bar, located on 264 Bleecker street. It isn’t very friendly to the gluten-free, but they do offer cheese flights as an allergy-friendly option for a quick snack or appetizer before going to say, Risotteria, just on the corner.

Keep it yummy,


P.S.: Next time, I will be talking about hosting a pumpkin carving party, an activity that isn’t limited to October, but definitely available all autumn long.


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