Breakfast Adventures: Cookshop NY

Before all the false hysteria over, as Jon Stewart dubbed it, Blizzacalypsemaggedon, I went out to a lovely brunch with my friend Rachel who I haven’t seen in a while. Since I brought my camera and didn’t use it, all the images for this post come from my Instagram, the feature image coming from Rachel’s camera phone. I never said I was a good blogger. I just eat food and wear clothes.

The Food

Since we wanted to go to a cozy brunch place, naturally I searched for places near me. One that came up was Cookshop, which is on tenth avenue near the Highline. The first thing that concerned me a little bit was the fact that every reservation within a day or two of Sunday was taken on Open Table, but that also means it’s probably really good. Lluckily we got there early enough that the bar was a viable option for seating.

I am all about comfort food and being comfortable. Well, I don’t know quite how comfortable someone can be eating a warm skillet full of eggs and beans first thing in the morning. I think when it comes to the cold, I just naturally gravitate towards warm food items when the weather calls for it. Luckily, it was nice and sunny before the blizzard (name it what you will) that raged from Monday to Wednesday.

The Irish coffee really hit the spot. I find brunch to be a great occasion to indulge. I haven’t had a good cocktail in a while and I was in a desperate need of more coffee. It was mixed well and the coffee itself was really good. The meal itself had a great mix of textures and might have actually converted me to pickled red onions. The eggs were perfect–not too runny, not too hard. It really hit the spot on a brisk morning and the atmosphere of the restaurant made a great backdrop for catching up.

Overall, Cookshop was a great experience. I would gladly come back to try any of the other offerings on their breakfast menu. I was really torn between the huevos rancheros and the omelette. I hope there will be a next time soon.

The Clothes

I really like dressing up for brunch. Even if it’s as simple as throwing on a skirt and a scarf. I wore a thermal that day because it was still pretty cold outside. Normally, I push for layers, but at a certain point, it’s better to just go for insulation.

I had a great time this weekend before the panic and becoming a hermit for two days because of this dreadful snow. It really wasn’t that bad in New York City. In Boston, unfortunately, they were hit with the full three feet. Meanwhile in New York City…

Keep it yummy,



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