About Me

That's me with my boyfriend, Matt.

That’s me with my boyfriend, Matt.

O hai there.  My name is Jo and I am currently a senior undergraduate studying nutrition and food science at Cornell University.  I like to bake, take pictures, plan outfits, read, and listen to music, so nothing too extraordinary there.

Growing up in a Polish household where meat, potatoes, and pretty bland food that is guaranteed to still be edible after several months or year-round had been the standard had really helped shape what I value in a meal.  Did I mention meat and potatoes?  That gets boring after a while, so I was really excited to move to college my freshman year and finally have the chance to branch out and experiment. At around sophomore year, I wanted to document my experiments, but that blog fell by the wayside when other priorities like school, jobs, and friends took over.

So I signed up for WordPress looking for a fresh new start in the realm of food blogging. That being said, I hope you enjoy my various experiments and outfits and comments on living with allergies.


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