Root Canal Diet: Drink ALL the Smoothies!

On Thursday, I got a root canal done. If you want to know what the most uncomfortable nap is like, imagine blinding lights, drills in your mouth, and Phil Collins as your background music. This procedure has lessened the fear of infection due to an infected tooth, but has resulted in changes that I will need to implement for the next week or so. Such as joining the fruit smoothie club.

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Devilish Spiced Lattes

I love me some lattes, but sometimes you want to relax on the couch after a day of running errands and all you want to do is have a nice drink that tastes like coffee. That’s where Patron XO Coffee comes in. Pinkie’s up.

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‘Murica Shots and Orange Tea Bourbon Punch

I hope everyone had a fun, safe, delicious, and patriotic Fourth of July!  My friends and I had a great time, the few of us that were around in Ithaca for the weekend.  Today, I will focus on the delicious drink recipes concocted for the party thrown in my new apartment.

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