Breakfast Adventures: Cookshop NY

Before all the false hysteria over, as Jon Stewart dubbed it, Blizzacalypsemaggedon, I went out to a lovely brunch with my friend Rachel who I haven’t seen in a while. Since I brought my camera and didn’t use it, all the images for this post come from my Instagram, the feature image coming from Rachel’s camera phone. I never said I was a good blogger. I just eat food and wear clothes.

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Bacon Date Cupcakes: We Can’t Make Frosting (Feat. Matthew)

I don’t even know why I think making frosting at the same time cupcakes are happening is a good idea. You would think that after a few years of cupcake-making for and with friends, I would learn something. Well, here’s another failed frosting attempt, but also a delicious attempt at combining three things people like: Bacon, dates, and goat cheese.

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Scampi-nara Recipe: Treat Yourself!

Anyone who knows me know that I value making comfort food that works for you. Some people are comforted by health food. I like to take a break from health food and bust out the bacon, spaghetti, clams, and–wait, what?

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