Sis Puella Magica! Brownies and Tea

Snacks are a crucial part of hosting friends over for a movie marathon. Since Mami of Puella Magi Madoka Magica always had tea and cake, I made brownies out of cake mix and brewed tea that sparkles.

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Bacon Date Cupcakes: We Can’t Make Frosting (Feat. Matthew)

I don’t even know why I think making frosting at the same time cupcakes are happening is a good idea. You would think that after a few years of cupcake-making for and with friends, I would learn something. Well, here’s another failed frosting attempt, but also a delicious attempt at combining three things people like: Bacon, dates, and goat cheese.

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Liz Lovely’s Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Happy New Year, everyone! I finally have moments to breathe because I am on break and this hellish semester is over. Literally, if you can avoid taking 6 hard-science courses at once, please do. So, I find myself relaxing a lot these days. After an exciting Christmas and an eventful New Year’s Eve, some rest and relaxation is in order. So, I find myself spending time in PJ’s trying new snacks. I want to tell you about some delicious new cookies I tried and one of my new favorite Christmas gifts.

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