We Tried It: Glutino’s Pizza Crust (Feat. Meghan)

Two gluten-free heads working together is better than one. Especially when it comes to reinventing comfort food. Did I reinventing? I meant trying our hardest not to cry when trying to enjoy traditional comfort food. Is there any food more comforting than pizza? (Hint: there isn’t).

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Scampi-nara Recipe: Treat Yourself!

Anyone who knows me know that I value making comfort food that works for you. Some people are comforted by health food. I like to take a break from health food and bust out the bacon, spaghetti, clams, and–wait, what?

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Pulled Pork on a Sweet Potato

Of all conventional meats, pork is my favorite. It is so versatile. And sweet potato has to be my all-time favorite starchy vegetable. I wanted my first cooked meal on campus to be something proper and extravagant. Here is a pulled pork recipe I used from Simply Recipes that was a little unconventional when comparing other pulled pork recipes. In addition, due to the fact that my stomach is still reeling from all the bread I ate during my stay in South America (yes, it’s been a week), my boyfriend suggested we make a gluten-free bun alternative so that my stomach does not undergo any further stress. There will also be a move-in outfit that is also fitting for being reunited with your boyfriend after two months. Continue reading