Pre-Workout New Favorite Snack

Over the summer, I had made a serious commitment to fitness, which involved going to the gym every day. Observing my own performance, I realized that I worked better after I ate some combination  of carbs, sugar, fat, and protein. Let me share with you a simple recipe using some of my favorite products that can amp up your workout power.

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Gluten-Free Cronuts

Cronuts are all the rage (apparently). Pricey and weird-looking, people still want them. And I found myself wanting them too…except for the fact that there is not a cronuterie in Ithaca, NY. So I decided to make one in my kitchen with the help of my friend, Andy, who worked at a bakery over the summer. The results might not have been the prettiest, but two sticks of butter, Nutella, and powdered sugar were involved so I guess everything went better (and more deliciously) than expected.

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