Breakfast Adventures: Cookshop NY

Before all the false hysteria over, as Jon Stewart dubbed it, Blizzacalypsemaggedon, I went out to a lovely brunch with my friend Rachel who I haven’t seen in a while. Since I brought my camera and didn’t use it, all the images for this post come from my Instagram, the feature image coming from Rachel’s camera phone. I never said I was a good blogger. I just eat food and wear clothes.

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Pudding Pudding: Aka, the Non-Newtonian Vegan Pudding

I sure do love me some yogurt in the morning. You know what I don’t love? Indigestion from eating too much dairy. During my last week of work, I spent much time in the bakery at Ovenly for a final project and I got to spend time with one of the baristas, Sophie. She gave me an excellent recipe for almond milk pudding that came out a little scientific. As in, my general reaction was “OH DEAR GOD WHAT DID I DO.”

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It Ain’t Easy Being Guacamole and Eggs

The avocado and the egg are two of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music soundtrack). You can throw either in a salad, eat them by themselves, or eat them together. Most people who know me also know that breakfast is one of those meals near and dear to my heart. Recently, I discovered a new vehicle with which to shovel the glorious avocado in your mouth, tucked away in the Union Square farmer’s market, just waiting to be found. And eggs are a perfect pairing. You know what’s a good time to eat these things? After an early morning workout! Continue reading